Sunday, January 31, 2016

Configuring OBIEE 12c Analytics to use Port 80

I installed OBIEE 12c on Windows 2008 server. During the installation, there is no option to specify which ports to use (remember the customports.ini file in 11g? No such luck in 12c as of Feb 28, 2016.)

The default analytics port is 9502, such as http://myserver:9702/analytics. I want to change that port to 80, so that we can just access http://myserver/analytics. Here's what worked for me:
  • Use the search tool of your choice to find all files under your BI home directory (a) have an .xml extension; and, (b) contain the string 9502.  
  • Search each file for the string '9502' to determine if it refers to a port number.  If it does, change it to port 80. 
In my system, I found these relevant files that needed to be changed:

Under c:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\bi\config\
  • Config.xml
  • Backup_config2.xml
  • Backup_config3.xml
  • Backup_config4.xml
 Under C:\oracle\middleware\user_projects\domains\bi\config\fmwconfig\

  • Wsm-ccw-config.xml
    • After making the changes from 9502 to 80, sign in to Weblogic Server
    • Lock & Edit 
    • Environment > Servers > bi_server1
    • Configuration tab
    • Change the Listen Port: 80 (formerly 9502)
    • Save
    • Activate Changes
    • Test connecting to the repository in online mode with the Administration tool
    • Test connecting to OBIEE Analytics without the :9502 port
    All servers, services, and processes should be up and running.  I previously had included instructions to restart the bi_server1 server, but the most recent time I made this change (on a different system) I found that it was not necessary.