Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating Simple Dashboard Buttons

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In versions of OBIEE prior to 11g, the Reset button associated with a dashboard prompt could only roll back to the most recently applied value, not the original default.  We used the method described below to add a true Reset button to the dashboard.  This button reset all prompts back to their default values. 


That same method could also be used to create a button to launch almost any website.  An example of that is shown below as well.


Dashboard Prompt Reset Button


   1.        Add a Text object to the dashboard page.


   2.        Add this code for the Text object.


<div class="XUIPromptEntry minibuttonOn"><a href="#" onclick="return PersonalizationEditor.removeDefaultSelection(false ) ">Reset Prompts</a></div>


   3.        Click the Contains HTML Markup checkbox.


   4.        Click OK to save the Text object.


   5.        Add a dashboard prompt to the page.


   6.        Save and run the dashboard page, make a prompt selection click Apply.


   7.        Click the Reset Prompts button to test the reset functionality.


Website Launch Button


We can use the same technique to navigate to a website (in this example,


   1.        Add another Text object to the dashboard page.


   2.        Add and save this code (don't forget the HTML Markup checkbox).


<div class="XUIPromptEntry minibuttonOn"><a href="" target="_blank" >Oracle</a></div>


Note: The target="_blank" tag opens the content in a new browser window or tab.


   3.        Run the dashboard page and test the button.

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